Transcription Services

James offers fast, high quality and accurate transcription work for a range of clients across the world.

We have recently been working with a company who create TV features for ‘FIFA Football’. The transcripts we have produced have been used to create and formulate the script for the feature, which is broadcast to over 160 countries

For regular ongoing work or one off work, you can rest assured that you will receive your transcriptions, correct and on time.

We offer two types of transcription service, Complete Verbatim and Intelligent Verbatim. The most common style used for interview transcription services and focus group transcription services is intelligent verbatim. However, we can accommodate for any variations of these two styles as per your request.

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription

Intelligent verbatim ensures a full, accurate transcript, but omits all the ‘ums’, ‘ahs’, repetitions, pauses and verbal habits such as excessive use of ‘you know what I mean’ and ‘kind of’ unless this is obviously relevant to the content of the audio. In effect, we take out the clutter that has no relevance to the conversation and adds nothing to the context of the transcript.

We can even clean up the transcript further by excluding unfinished sentences, contractions and even correct the grammar. We leave the rest exactly as spoken.

Complete Verbatim Transcription

The complete verbatim transcription service offers a transcript of absolutely everything said on a recording. Perfect for interviews for legal purposes.

Complete Verbatim includes every repetition, ‘ums’, ‘ahs’ and instances where people drift off with no obvious end to the sentence.

We aim to provide a fast, friendly and affordable transcription service where the needs of our clients come first and are always met. If you have any questions about or verbatim transcription service, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.