Website Design

Your Website Defines You.

Your website is the first thing a new client will look at. They want to get to know you on their terms. They want a connection with you. An outdated website will turn off prospective clients.

Today’s sites are created using many different software and development tools.  Long gone are the days where we sit down and code each and every part of a website. Coding it is still an option, we find that most clients want to have control over their website.

Users only pay attention to the design of a website if something bothers them, great design should be almost invisible. People should feel comfortable using the website and instinctively know where to go to find what they are looking for.

We build most of our sites using a Controlled Management System. Our preferred option is WordPress. We have built several of these sites, WordPress gives us the ability to add on themes, plugins, widgets and other software to develop each build.

JRH Media will build you a new website and keep it up to date so you can focus on what you do best.

To speak to James about your new website please call 07881237868 or you can email or fill in the form below.