Social Media Management

Promoting Your Business via Social Media

Social Media  is one of the most powerful tools for promoting your business, products and services to a wide outreach of potential clients.

JRH Media offers an affordable social media management service, which aims to grow your online marketing presence.

We can manage your existing social media pages for you or if you do not yet have any social media accounts we can set these up for you, brand them to your business style and manage them for you or provide tutorials or training so that you can manage them yourself.

The benefits of a social media marketing service…

Decreased Marketing Costs

With the main social media platforms averaging user counts of billions of people, you will rarely have to promote your services beyond Facebook & Twitter to get a response. By using our service, you will save potentially thousands from promoting through one of the world’s most capable marketing tools… social media.

Better Connectivity with Clients

A stronger social media presence will allow your clients to connect with you in a natural and often efficient way. You can get honest feedback on your services, whilst giving your clients the option to share your posts, and their experiences with friends. Better connectivity with clients will often lead to them staying loyal to your business.

You Can Focus on Other Things

It is important to maintain a regular presence across your social media platforms to ensure that your followers are kept engaged and aren’t drawn away by other services. Allowing us to take care of this for you will allow you to focus on the running of your business without worrying about the details of your online presence.