Social Media Design

Since the internet’s social boom we’ve seen sites like MySpace, LinkedIn, Photobucket, Flickr and Bebo, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and these days so many more. However, a good number of these sites were either bought over and rebranded into something similar or different or they went down the toilet.


The sites that survived are some of today’s busiest websites in the world with millions upon millions of hits per day giving the perfect platform for people to meet online and discuss and share things with each other. At JRH Media we focus on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as our top four social networking sites. These four sites give businesses the perfect chance to also share their products and services with these internet socialites.


The businesses that do the best are mostly the ones that have invested time, effort and money into their business identity and brand. A study by online showed that 70% of people don’t trust badly designed websites. So with these statistics surely our social pages need to look professional?

At JRH Media we think it’s essential and that is where we come in. We set up and designed many social pages and profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google+ to look similar to the website and the all-round business brand and identity.

Understand the importance of all of your online digital presences looking as one!

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